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Friday, August 30, 2013

Hiiibrand Awards 2012 Exhibitions -Redtory, Guangzhou, China - 2013

My work on view Hiiibrand Awards 2012 Exhibitions -Redtory, Guangzhou, China 2013.08.24 - 2013.09.15

"Until the deadline, there are 1,055 pieces of works from more than 40 countries and regions around the world. Finally, 247 works have been chosen. There is the exhibition of Hiiibrand Awards 2012 in Redtory."

Organizer: New Graphic Magazine
Undertaker: GGDA, Redtory
Sponsor: MIVONE
Dates: 2013.08.24 - 2013.09.15
Venue: E9, Redtory Art&Design Factory (No. 128, Yuancun Si Heng Rd., Tianhe District, Guangzhou)

Logo Creed: The Mystery Magic Method Behind Designing Great Logos

I'm a contributor and featured in the "Logo Creed" Design Book, this is a textbook for every designer! Thank you so much, this is truly an honor!

"Written by the founders of, this comprehensive handbook is an expansive collection of logo designs, containing the expertise of LogoLounge as well as the range of amazing logo designs that are culled on the LogoLounge website. While the book is headed by LogoLounge founder Bill Gardner, it is truly a collaboration of the best designers on the LogoLounge website as they share their expertise and experiences, making it the go-to handbook for understanding and executing successful logos. With its in-depth historical content, as well as its detailed breakdown of the design process and the fundamental elements behind great logos, this book is highly beneficial for both students and self-taught designers."

Author: Bill Gardner Author: Catharine Fishel / Publisher: Rockport Publishers U.S.A.

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