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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My own one "We Hungarians” logo selected for LogoLounge Volume 10., U.S.A.

Logo design for the Hungarians House museum - We Hungarians Visitor Center exhibition, Hungary. (The logo includes: the 10 most beautiful word by Dezső Kosztolányi Hungarian poet and prose-writer: mother, pearl, virgin, autumn, sword, blood, kiss, grave, flame, heart.
Thank you very much and congratulation for my client Peter Barak, this is a common success!
#m #magyar #hungarian #museum #mother #pearl #virgin #autumn #sword #blood #kiss #grave #flame #heart #logo #identity #logolounge #award

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hogyan tervezzünk egy nyertes logót, 2017 Izrael / How to design a winning logo, 2017, Israel / איך לעצב לוגו מנצח

Számos könyvben vannak saját munkáim világszerte - több, mint 50 nemzetközi design könyvben. Ausztrál, Fehérororsz, Angol, Kínai, Német, Francia, Szerb, Amerikai stb. Ez különösen nagyszerű nekem, mert Izraelből nem voltam meghívott még eddig. / My own works they are several worldwide - more than in the 50 international design books. Australian, Belarusian, British, Chinese, German, French, Serbian, US etc. This is especially great for me, because from Israel not I was invited me yet so far.

Saját munkáim a könyvben világmárkák között, mint például: Apple, BMW, Disney, Fedex, Google, Nike, Lacoste, Unilever stb. / My own works are in the book World Brands among, such as: Apple, BMW, Disney, Fedex, Google, Nike, Lacoste, Unilever etc.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Title: Interreg Slovakia-Hungary, European Regional Development Fund
Designer: Peter Vasvari
Client: SRG Group Kft.

Industry: government

Description: Logo design for Slovakia-Hungary cross-border cooperation, Slovakia-Hungary.

SKHU (S+M) character logo = SK (S)lovakia + HU Hungary=(M)agyarország

Interreg was developed as a Community Initiative in with a budget of just 1 billion EUR covering exclusively cross-border cooperation in 1990. Later, Interreg has been extended to transnational and interregional cooperation. For 2014-2020 European Territorial Cooperation is one of the two goals of Cohesion Policy besidesinvestment for Growth and Job. Over the years Interreg has become the key instrument of the European Union to support cooperation between partners across borders.

The aim: to tackle common challenges together and find shared solutions - whether in the field of health, research and education, transport or sustainable energy. Interreg programmes are funded by the European Regional Development Fund to support the harmonious development of the European Union's territory at different levels.

The logotype symbolises the connection, through the common geographical parts of the participating countries. The shape was formed from the capital starting letters of the country names in their original languages - “Magyarország” and “Slovak Republic”.
The capital “M” which appears in the upper part of the shape forms hills, mountains and castle, the “S” as a projection of the “M” in the bottom, is a metaphor for a river and road.
The “blue” color indicates the Slovak Republic, while the “green” color indicates Hungary (Magyarország).

Includes: s, m, hidden, positive, negative, space, cooperation, slovakia, hungary, magyarorszag, government, hape, form, hill, mountain, castle, metaphor, river, road, european, regional, development, fund, green, blue, europe

Monday, August 22, 2016

My Silver Award work in the ICMA Catalog
International Custom Media Award, Germany
/ Category 3.1 Logos, Challenge Day, Peter Vasvari, H, Silver Award /
My Silver Award work in the ICMA Catalog
Category 3.1 Logos, Challenge Day, Peter Vasvari, H, Silver Award

Friday, April 29, 2016

Taiwan International Graphic Corporate Identity Design Award 2015

Today I received three (3 piece) "Distincion" and a great book catalog! I'm very happy!
A mai napon kaptam 3 db "Kitüntetést" és egy nagyszerű katalógus könyvet! Én nagyon boldog vagyok!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


SendPoints Publishing Co.,Ltd., Hong Kong

California Coastal Dermatology logo design by Peter Vasvari

Monday, February 22, 2016

My work in the PAGE magazine, Germany / A munkám a PAGE magazinban, Németország

5 th ICDA International Corporate Design Award, Germany (Company logos category: Silver Award, Challenge Day, Peter Vasvari, Hungary)